Our pipeline

Overview of our science

Therapeutic Drug


a proprietary formulation of two existing drugs that may reduce or eliminate toxic aggregates of amyloid-β-(αβ) proteins that form deposits in the brain and other endpoints for early and mild stage patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Therapeutic Drug


A combination of 2 proprietary off-label drugs to break down aggregates of α-synuclein and prevent formation of new aggegates.

Therapeutic Drug


a proprietary formulation intended for the use as a treatment for patients diagnosed with Gerstmann Stuassler Scheinker Syndrome (GSS). GSS is caused by an abnormal variant of prion proteins which causes protein aggregation in the brain leading to impairment in co-ordination, speech, cognitive abnormality and eventually leading to dementia diagnosed with. A compassionate study showed key clinical outcome demonstrating efficacy and the ability to disrupt neurotoxic proteins in the brain.