PharmaKure signs letter of intent with CynapseDx.

18th November 2020

PharmaKure Limited and CynapseDx Limited have signed a letter of intent for a commercial relationship between the two companies which could result in a collaboration or acquisition to secure funding.

PharmaKure is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company committed to accelerating the development of therapies for treating Alzheimer’s and rare neurodegenerative diseases, The Company’s lead candidate PK051 effects the major misfolded protein that causes the plaques and neuron death, namely amyloid-ß. As amyloid-ß misfolds, it complexes with other proteins and forces them to misfold, building up into aggregates. PK051 breaks down these aggregates and prevents them from reforming.

CynapseDx has developed assays that can measure the levels of aggregated amyloid-ß and also α-synuclein in blood. Other researchers attempting to measure total protein in blood have disappointing results.

PharmaKures lead candidate and CynapaseDX research assay could compliment each other. Recruitment of patients for an Alzheimer’s trial needs to select patients at a similar stage of disease. Blood oligomeric biomarker levels is a new approach. Also, they can measure response to the drug using an ex-vivo assay to identify responders. Both should improve the quality of clinical trials results.