The Executive Board

Dr. Ian Smith, MBE


Dr. Ian Smith, is the founder and former Global Medical Director of Synexus (1998 – 2014). He was awarded an MBE for services to Health Research; for building a global clinical trials business called Synexus which was sold in 2016 for £178m. Dr. Smith was involved in the management buyout of Synexus in 2000, listing of Synexus onto the London Stock Exchange (AIM) and into all dealings with investors, before being sold to Lyceum Capital in 2007. Dr. Smith has completed more than 1000 clinical trials in the past 20 years in a wide variety of therapy areas.

Dr. Farid Khan


Dr. Farid Khan is a co-founder of PharmaKure Ltd. He has worked previously for GlaxoSmithKline as a drug discovery scientist and had academic positions in biotechnology at The Babaraham Institute in Cambridge and at The University of Manchester. He also founded a CRO in biotech services which specialises in recombinant DNA technology; a drug repurposing company focused on Alzheimer’s disease; an artificial intelligence company focused on image based diagnosis of cancers; and a med-tech platform delivering medication adherence during clinical trials. He works with third party biotech and pharmaceutical companies undertaking biotech deal flows, including the licensing of drug assets. He has published papers in peer reviewed journals – including fast-tracking new indications for drugs for malaria. He has formed key interdisciplinary collaborations with industry, academic institutions and charities (such as the Welcome Trust) including stakeholders in the UK’s healthcare agenda. Dr Khan has previously received awards including ‘excellence in engineering/ science/ technology’ by the former Prime Minister David Cameron and an Alumni Achievement Award in science and engineering from the University of Salford. He has a PhD in protein engineering, a MSC in parasitology and a BSc in Chemistry. He is a senior Research Associate in Biotech and Enterprise at Peterhouse, The University of Cambridge.

Professor Andrew Doig

Research and Development

Professor Doig is a co-founder of PharmaKure. He graduated with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, where he stayed to complete his PhD on protein folding and peptide binding with Professor Dudley Williams, FRS, in 1991. He then carried out post-doctoral research in the Biochemistry Department at Stanford with Professor Robert Baldwin before joining UMIST in 1994. He is now a Professor of Biochemistry in the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester. In addition to being an expert on Alzheimer’s disease and protein structure, Professor Doig was one of the founders of Senexis, a Cambridge based company focused on novel treatments for diseases resulting from the toxicity of amyloid-like proteins.

Dr. Naz Bashir


Dr Naz Bashir has over twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur in early stage companies, in/out licensing, investment strategies and in commercial and business development.  He has achieved success in driving sales from licensing, strategic partnerships in the biotech, chemicals, biofuels and food sectors; deal packages ranging up to $100M.   Dr Bashir has held executive roles and raised finance as part of the management team with a nutraceutical company, an oil and gas company, a biopharmaceutical company, and a biosensor company. Naz managed a university seed fund achieving out licensing of biological technologies, chemical assets and value through exits and an IPO. More recently, he co-founded an Omega 3 company in which he invested in and successfully raised an EIS round which is leading to strategic investments/partnerships. He also acts as advisor, consultant and is a non-executive director on a couple of early stage biotech in digital wound care (antimicrobial), gut health (microbiome) and a digital therapeutics incubator.  He has a PhD in Chemistry and an MBA from the University of Exeter. 

Mr. Mark Gustafson


Mark Gustafson has been an active CPA for over 30 years with Board of director positions for both public and private companies and executive positions as Chairman, CEO, CFO, Corporate Secretary with companies listed on three different stock exchanges – Toronto, New York, and London. He is experienced with multiple growth companies and restructuring situations.

Management Team

Dr. Farid Khan


Professor Andrew Doig

Research and Development

Mr Mark Gustafson


Dr. Chris Stanley


Dr. Stanley is the inventor/co-inventor of >40 published patents in the fields of in vitro diagnostics, medical devices and drug discovery. He has developed assays to detect and quantity brain-derived oligomeric and aggregated protein biomarkers in the blood including beta amyloid and alpha synuclein. His current focus is on the diagnosis (and misdiagnosis) of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and other Lewy Body disorders, such as Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) and Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). Dr. Stanley is networked with a number of partners: The University of Liverpool, Lancaster University, Newcastle University and Microsens Biotechnologies. Dr. Stanley was a founder of CynapseDx.

Mr. Damian Bond

Specialty Consultant

Mr. Bond is the Founder & Chief Executive of Platform Diagnostics and ProKyma Technologies. He has founded three life sciences / diagnostics companies and one clean tech company. Whilst commercially focused, he is also an inventor on over 10 patent applications. Most recently Mr. Bond was the CEO and founder of CynapseDx. 

Advisory Board

Professor Sir Alan Fersht

Scientific Advisory Board - Chair

Ranked in the top 100 UK Scientists. Sir Alan Fersht’s current research at The University of Cambridge uses an amalgam of protein engineering, structural biology, biophysics and chemistry to study the structure, activity, stability and folding of proteins, and the role of protein misfolding and instability in cancer and disease. His group at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge focuses on how mutation affects proteins in the cell cycle, particularly the tumour suppressor p53, in order to design novel anti-cancer drugs that function by restoring the activity of mutated proteins. Since October 2012-2018, he has been Master of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Knighted in 2003 for his work on protein science, and has honorary degrees from Uppsala, Brussels, Weizmann Institute, Imperial College and The Hebrew University. He has honorary professorships in China in Shanghai, Chengdu and Qingdao. He has world-wide experience in the needs of science and biotechnology.

Dr. Hermann Mucke

Repurposing Strategy Advisor

Dr. Mucke is an accomplished scientist, science author, patent analyst and R&D manager who had a strong role in the repurposing of several drugs, including galantamine for Alzheimer’s disease. He also helped to take a pharmaceutical company public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999. Dr. Mucke serves on several corporate scientific advisory boards and is an editorial board member and regular author of several scientific journals, such as the Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst. Among many other market and technology analyses, Dr. Mucke is the author of “Drug Repositioning: Extracting added value from prior R&D investments”, published by Insight Pharma Reports). He is founder of HM Pharma Consultancy, and undertakes corporate scientific & IP management of several pharmaceutical companies.