Management and Advisory Team

Dr. Farid Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Khan has several years of running two biotech companies and has brought over £5 million of grants and revenue into his business ventures. Recently, in 2009-10 he led his own research group at the University of Manchester in the development of novel molecular diagnostics and prior to this he worked at the Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology. Dr. Khan has worked for GlaxoSmithKline in drug discovery, assay development and screening (1997-2000) and obtained his PhD from Cambridge University in biophysics on the structural studies of GFP (2004). Currently Dr. Khan is Chief Scientific Officer of Protein Technologies Ltd, a biotherapeutic company based in Manchester. He is also a consultant and advisor of new biotechnologies to a number of large pharmaceutical companies and biotech investors. Dr. Khan will be responsible for the overall management of the company, commercial exploitation of the results, raising investor funds, management of company collaborations (IP and strategic decisions), offering drug discovery support (assay development) and manage operations. Dr. Khan will also provide laboratory space and access to laboratory equipment for screening experiments at Protein Technologies Ltd and Lumophore Ltd at the Manchester Science Park.

Prof. Andrew Doig

Chief Scientific Officer

Professor Doig graduated in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, where he stayed to complete his PhD on protein folding and peptide binding with Professor Dudley Williams, FRS, in 1991. He then carried out post-doctoral research in the Biochemistry Department at Stanford with Professor Robert Baldwin before joining UMIST in 1994. He is now a Professor of Biochemistry in the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester. In addition to being an expert on Alzheimer's disease and protein structure, Professor Doig was one of the founders of Senexis, a Cambridge based company focused on novel treatments for diseases resulting from the toxicity of amyloid-like proteins. Professor Doig will lead the scientific direction with regard to new targets, biophysical characterisation, problem solving, writing and reviewing grants and utilising his network in academia and industry to advance the product portfolio for the new company.

Dr. Andrew Wells

Scientific Advisory Board

Andrew's patent practice is principally in the pharmaceutical and chemical fields. Andrew has extensive experience in securing patent protection for pharmaceuticals and specialises in drafting and prosecuting patent applications covering new chemical entities, salts, polymorphs, formulations (including advanced drug delivery technologies), manufacturing processes, medical uses, and medical devices. Outside of the pharmaceutical field, Andrew's practice encompasses polymer chemistry, petroleum additives, catalytic compositions, separation chemistry and biosensors. Andrew acts for a diverse range of clients, including international corporations, universities, start-up companies and associate patent attorney firms based outside of the UK.

David Scopes

Scientific Advisory Board

David Scopes has over 35 years experience in drug discovery. He obtained his BSc, MSc and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Manchester. This was followed by periods of postdoctoral research at Syntex Corporation in Palo Alto, California and at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. David joined Glaxo UK in 1976, where he became a research manager focussing on central nervous system disorders, before taking up the position of Head of Medicinal Chemistry at GlaxoWellcome in France (1994-96). He moved to Oxford GlycoSciences in 1996 as Director of Chemistry, later becoming Vice-President of Drug Discovery. From 2004 to 2012 he served as Chief Scientific Officer at Senexis Ltd, a company focussed on the discovery of new treatments for Alzheimer's disease.

Tony Travers

Chief Business Officer

Tony has deep business expertise gained in a variety of national and global roles during his career at AstraZeneca. As a Global Commercial Director he established a track record of exceeding targets and expectations. Under his commercial leadership AstraZeneca infection business increased from the 2003 annual turnover of $350 million with a single brand, to the 2011 annual turnover of $1.9 billion multi-brand division with a healthy pipeline. As part of the management team tasked to transform their business unit performance Tony completed 5 in-licensing / acquisitions. He is effective at managing key strategic partner relationships, having taken responsibility for alliance management. Tony served for several years on the board of a subsidiary, AstraZeneca Ireland Operations, providing governance for investment decisions on projects and manufacturing facilities. In summary, Tony brings to PharmaKure areas of skill which include; new product development, brand launches, in-licensing and corporate acquisitions.

Dr. Hermann Mucke

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Hermann A.M. Mucke, who was born in 1955 and holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Vienna (Austria), spent 17 years in academia and in various positions in the pharmaceutical industry before the year 2000 when he founded H.M. Pharma Consultancy (, an Austrian-based enterprise providing strategic advice and tailored services to the life science industry. Dr. Mucke is an accomplished scientist, science author, patent analyst and R&D manager who had a strong role in the repurposing of several drugs, including galantamine for Alzheimer's disease. He also helped to take a pharmaceutical company public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999. Dr. Mucke serves on several corporate scientific advisory boards and is an editorial board member and regular author of several scientific journals, such as the Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst. Among many other market and technology analyses, Dr. Mucke is the author of "Drug Repositioning: Extracting added value from prior R&D investments", published by Insight Pharma Reports.

Dr. Sheraz Gul

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Gul is the President & Head of Biology, European Screening Port in Hamburg, Germany. He manages and develops their biological services which includes bioassay development and screening for academic partners in Europe. Prior to this he worked for GlaxoSmithKline for 7 years where he designed and development biochemical and cellular assays for High Throughput Screening and carried out detailed Hit characterization. He has a PhD and 5 years post-doctoral research experience from the University of London. He has co-authored numerous papers, chapters and the Enzyme Assays: Essential Data Handbook and is on the editorial board of the European Pharmaceutical Review.

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